You shall all be internally condemned!

  • The wrath of the lord is upon us! Blessed are the good who understand the Kingdom of God is now, not yet. May those who think otherwise be sentenced to eternity with none other than Satan! How dare you let unholy Lucifer encompass your soul? May the bounds of Christ be released. SIT DOWN I SAY!

    I shall make you fade away and I will classify you as OBSOLETE!

  • Community Manager

    And thou shalt swing thine Hammer upon theeself or I shalt do it…
    Seriously, this is the 21st century. Everybody is inclined to have his or her own believes but not advocate them. Faith is something I consider personal. Shaming others into believing as you do is beneath contempt.
    Refrain yourself from continuing this further or I shall linger no longer by restraining your abilities.

  • A threat against the ministry is that? OBSELETE you shall be classified.

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